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Béton brut meets fountain pen: a substantial concrete writing tool constructing your world with each stroke.

Béton brut: From Architecture to Writing

After being cast, concrete will usually receive a finishing treatment that smooths its surface, ridding it of imperfections. In the case of béton brut architecture, the concrete is left unfinished, simple yet majestic, expressing the pattern left by the formwork.

22STUDIO applies the same conceptual process in producing everyday-carry items: stationery, wristwatch, and table clock; creating functional miniature béton brut architectures for your table, on your wrist, and in the palm of your hand.

Proprietary “Concrete Curing” Process

What is “Concrete Curing”? To harden and strengthen, newly cast concrete must go through a process called hydration, where water is continually applied. This process often results in the appearance of white streaks and fissures. Through continued research and trial, 22STUDIO has developed a hydration process that produces concrete that meets our high standards in both hardness and aesthetics. Newly cast products are placed in a climate controlled “Concrete aging (curing) chamber” for 14 days (similar to the aging of beef or red wine), where it reaches maximum hardness, and gains patterns and textures unique to each piece.

316L Stainless Steel & Parts by SCHMIDT Technology of Germany

Concrete and Stainless Steel pair perfectly as a sleek, straightforward package. The FOS (Factors of Safety) top-scoring 316L Stainless Steel is highly corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic.

22STUDIO writing instruments are equipped with Germany’s SCHMIDT Technology parts almost exclusively. From nibs, piston, and cartridge, to ballpoint, rollerball, and mechanical-pencil parts; we have selected the best available components for solid, reliable performance.

The CONTOUR series. Elevation with Each Line

90 degree concerns neatly stacked creating a sleek aesthetic reminiscent of contour lines that curve round the aged concrete shaft. Reciprocally tactile to write with and an appreciated miniature architecture when resting on the table.

The Heptagon series. SEVEN Aspects

The perpetual seven day week artificially carves up our sense of time, this is our play on imbuing “Time” into writing instruments. The striking, broad facets show off patterns and textures unique to each piece, and provide the most comfortable grip.

20% off Matching Set

Receive 20% off when purchasing two 22STUDIO Concrete Writing Instruments from the same series. 
Five types of writing instruments in each series: Fountain Pen (F/M nib), Rollerball Pen, BallPoint Pen, Sketch Pencil and Mechanical Pencil. Pair your favorite set of two and receive them in our hand-brushed presentation box.

22STUDIO “Concrete Writing Instruments” have had the distinct honor of being selected for the gift shops at: MoMa and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, and the Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris

Since its debut, 22STUDIO’S “Concrete Writing” instruments have been selected for the shops of internationally renowned modern art museums as a recognition of our workmanship and design. We have created an exceptional writing experience that grows with you as concrete surfaces continue to patina and burnish, and corner angles soften and reshape with use. Each piece is waiting to be tamed (relished) and collected!