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Sincere and bold lifestyle in the metropolis

When you stare at the “4D Automatic Watch” you will see an unreserved, straightforward attitude towards life. Steel is steel, copper is copper, concrete is concrete, and leather is leather. Each material strives to showcase their naked and true character. At the same time, through different methods treating the surface and combining parts, it creates a variety of urban styles.

Process of development

The design of a watch is a long and cumbersome process, every line must be repeatedly adjusted; even 0.5mm of change can make a huge difference. Therefore, it is necessary for every stage to have a delicate model that can actually be held at anytime, in order to feel the difference after becoming three-dimensional, and then back to modify the drawing. Once the model and the drawing are roughly confirmed, the factory can make a working prototype that matches the movement in reality. Usually at this stage you will find the prototype very different from the model, so the drawing must be modified again, bit by bit moving towards the completion.

Our current process of developing 4D automatic watches, taken as an example, ten versions of 3D printed models have been produced so far, plus three versions of working prototypes. With a lot of much needed feedback from watch lovers (thanks to more than 3000 volunteers filling out our product development questionnaire), as well as a tremendous amount of technical support from the factory, while staying passionate throughout the process, it was therefore possible to continue to the end.

Swiss Sellita SW200-1 Automatic movement

“Four dimensional automatic watch” is the first automatic watch launched by our brand. Therefore, in the choice of movement, high quality and logistical stability are the factors we care about the most. As a result, this Swiss-made movement has become our first choice. Several important technical specifications of SW200-1 are as follows: vibrations per hour 28’ 800bph, maximum power reserve is 38 hours, accuracy of +/- 30 sec/day.

Cured concrete dial

In order to produce a richly textured and strong concrete dial, we have greatly improved the concrete manufacturing process in the past two years: the most essential material is 22Studio’s exclusive formula of concrete, created with many professional cement suppliers through a long time, which can quickly solidify and form, with low shrinkage and high strength among other characteristics.

In order to prevent breakage, the interior of the concrete is reinforced with fiberglass mesh.

After every hand-poured concrete dial takes shape, it will be placed in “concrete curing room” for 14 days with constant temperature and humidity. This process can maximize the structural strength of concrete, as well as producing a uniquely natural texture on the surface.

Luminous three-dimensional hands

In order to synchronize with the dial of three-dimensional spiral staircase, we designed the one and only three-dimensional watch hand in the world. It breaks away from the traditional two-dimensional concept of watch design, entering the real three-dimensional space, or even to the fourth.

Metal well-shaped date window with magnifying glass

“Signature edition” applies 22’s original ways to display the date, with the extra internal space on the spiral staircase shaped surface, we installed a finely polished metal column on the cured concrete dial; and then, the commonly glued magnifying glass on the crystal is transferred to be fixed on the upper edge of the well, clearly displaying the date, creating a sense of delight.

Stainless steel or brass case

The case of “4D Automatic Watch” is made of thick and sturdy materials. In addition to 316 stainless steel, this time, a pure brass case full of nostalgia has joined. The biggest charm of brass lies in its daily colour change; when it is brand new and before oxidization, she will be a shiny gold watch, and gradually it will begin to oxidize and turn to bronze colour. Your sweat and fingerprints will leave marks and traces on it, forming a warm and rustic colour.

Simplicity edition – uncomplicated and direct, neat and rustic

The simplicity edition conveys the purest design concept, suitable for those who keep a low profile and the introvert, with the options of stainless steel or brass case.
In the simple and neat spiral staircase design, a sturdy well has been added in the three o’clock spot. In addition to reading the date, you can also see part of the movement structure.

Signature edition – precise and neat, delicate and dazzling

In addition to the spiral staircase, the dial design of Signature edition also includes a precise minute scale. The upper edge of the case is chamfered and polished to demonstrate neat and precise craftsmanship.

The metal well-shaped date window with the same glossy chamfering treatment has a magnifying glass fixed on it, allowing you to read the date more clearly. The details of the Signature edition test the limits of craftsmanship, as well as showing an attitude of challenging oneself and pursuing excellence. The options of stainless steel and brass cases are also available, each representing a different charm of the era.

Oasis Edition and Original Edition