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New in stock: 22 STUDIO Concrete flower vase

Following the timeline, let the plants enter the four seasons of life. The thick and solid character of concrete appropriately sets off the contouring texture of flowers and leaves.

Superellipse: Simple Style

Superellipse, also known as Lamé curve, is a mathematical equation. It is between a square and a circle; however, it is neither a square nor a circle. We have chosen it because it conforms to the characteristics of concrete material: rational, scientific, solid and precise.

Flower vase, presented as a miniature of fair-faced concrete

Adhering to the consistent style, each concrete flower vase of 22STUDIO is hand-poured and demolded in-house; with exquisite details, showcasing elegance and handmade characters of concrete at the same time. Concrete is solid and stable, therefore creating a sense of weight. As a vessel for plants, it firmly bears the weight and magnifies the sheer beauty of the flowers and leaves, making them even more delicate, beautiful and slender.

Vibrant spring colours newly arrived

Inspired by the nature of spring and summer, 22STUDIO workshop has created its own “pink”, “coral”, “fig” and “magenta” four new colours (limited time offer), accompanied by four new designs of concrete flower vase.

Superellipse large vase in colour pink orconcrete gray

Simple and straightforward, there are three ways to use it. Insert the whole bunch of flowers, and then adjust as you please, displaying its luxurious bloom at ease. You can also use the included acrylic positioning device, even for a single sprig of flower, it can be stable, neutral and graceful. Or, use the provided pin frog, the flower arranging style will become more arbitrary, generating a variety of gestures.

Superellipse flower bowl in colour fig or concrete gray

Taking Japanese ikebana as a source of inspiration, it maximizes the beauty of flowers, water surface, and the vessel beneath. A pin frog must be used; it can create the harmonious artistry of horizontal and vertical contours, exhibit a modern style with Zen, as well as making bold creations of tilting arrangements, to freely build a landscape painting of flowers in the heart.

Superellipse small vase in colour coral or concrete gray

Petite and adorable, suitable for office desks, it will look great with a randomly inserted flower. Even a handful of wild flowers and weeds can generate a piece of nature.

Superellipse incense stand in colour magenta or concrete gray

Incense sticks can be inserted diagonally and the cones placed on the flat surface. Our stand supports hand-made incense sticks with a maximum diameter of 4mm. Once the scent is released, the nose can be stimulated and the five senses enhance. On top of relaxing the mood, it helps the mind to concentrate; a little change in the aroma will make the atmosphere very different.