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"Pinnacle of a Decade: 4D Concrete Watch" Upgraded Classic Edition Official Release.

22STUDIO, the top-selling brand, has gained international attention with its iconic design of Four Dimensions. For the first time, the concrete wristwatch underwent a major redesign and is now available in a brand-new version; offering five choices of stunning colour that should not be missed!

Looking back at the first generation, a decade of passion and youth.

The initial prototype made its debut at the Simple Life Original Festival in 2013, by combining ideas of "time" and "three-dimensional space," the original design concept of "Four Dimensions" was created. It accompanied us in various exhibitions and competitions, marking it as 22STUDIO's first of the wristwatch series.

Gradual accumulation along the path of development.

The product went through several years of exploration, having developed Automatic, Sector, Ups & Downs and Sports models. We always have a higher expectation for our products, with each series featuring new ideas and improvements. Now, after accumulating experiences along the way, it's time to pay tribute to the Four Dimensions Concrete Watch that has been with us for a decade.

Case diameter increased to 44mm, yet lighter and thinner.

The new version of the Four Dimensions watch has an increased case diameter of 44mm, making it visually more impactful. The thickness has been adjusted to be lighter and thinner, enhancing the comfort of wearing a large watch.

Concrete well-shaped date window, simple and solid.

A sturdy well-shaped window is installed at the three o'clock position on the dial, allowing for easy date check and adding a touch of mature stability to the aesthetic.

Swiss Super-LumiNova three-dimensional hands.

A product of the Swiss manufacturer LumiNova AG Switzerland, Super-LumiNova® offers excellent light resistance and outstanding chemical stability. With its high brightness green luminescence, no matter how dark the environment is, the time can be read precisely at once.

Hand-cured concrete dial.

Moulding with 22STUDIO's exclusive formula of concrete, the dial is cast and then manually refined after a 14-day curing process. This makes the cured concrete dial firmly structured and uniquely textured, and then finished with a size inspection as accurate as 0.2mm to ensure quality.

All-new innovative strap curvature fixer.

Striking the optimal balance between the weight of the concrete watch and wearing comfort has always been our priority. After numerous attempts, 22STUDIO has finally developed a "strap curvature fixer" specifically for our watches. This fixer creates a perfect oval shape when attaching the strap to the watch, significantly improving the wearing experience with better balance and comfort. It is first introduced in the Ten-Year Anniversary Upgraded Classic Edition of the Four Dimensions series.

Nato Green / Shadow Edition – Fluoro-rubber (Viton)Strap.

Featuring "fluoro-rubber" straps of the same grade as the sport bands used in Apple Watches, they provide excellent resistance to high temperatures, acids and alkalis, as well as shock absorption and durability. One of the biggest advantages of this strap is its weight, as it is relatively heavy, offering a solid and comfortable feeling when worn.

The Nato Green Edition showcases an outdoor style with a matte black PVD case, pine green concrete dial, matte black hands, and a moss green rubber strap. It pairs well with earth-toned clothing and is suitable for outdoor functional apparel and hiking shoes.

The Classic Shadow Edition features a matte black PVD case, greyish black concrete dial, matte black hands, and a black rubber strap, presenting a multi-layered black aesthetic.

All-new Camel Edition

he watch features a sand-coloured concrete dial, bright gold hour and minute hands, stainless steel case, and camel-coloured Italian vegetable-tanned leather strap. It evokes the image of a gentleman in linen clothing, maintaining a refreshing and elegant look even in the scorching summer.

Concrete Grey Edition

An iconic colour scheme for the highest sense of concrete: high-density concrete-coloured dial, stainless steel case, and grey Italian vegetable-tanned leather. The fluorescent yellow second hand stands out of the grey tones, creating a contrasting highlight to enhance the overall visual appeal.

Harbour Edition

Shiny silver hour and minute hands, bright blue second hand, paired with a blue vegetable-tanned leather strap and a dark grey cured concrete dial. The style is somewhat yuppie casual, but it also looks smart with formal attire.