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Our Up-and-downhill design is as three-dimensional as the way of life.

As if walking into a structure built on the wrist, there are uphill and downhill passages, like the movement of life; the ups and downs take turns as do the rise and fall, taking steady steps in every minute and second.

Concrete date window in square shaped dent

Different from the 30mm up-and-downhill concrete watch, a square date window suitable for a large dial has been added to the 44mm new model. Neat and sleek, the date can be read at a glance.

The world’s first floating three-dimensional hands

The 0.2mm stainless steel is accurately bent twice at a 90-degree angle to form the world’s first floating hands, a classic design of 22STUDIO.

The diameter of the dial is longer, but the watch becomes lighter and thinner

This time, the diameter of the new model is increased to 44mm, making the final product more visually present. The thickness has also been adjusted to be lighter and thinner, which improves the comfort level of wearing large watches.

Unique cured concrete dial

After 22STUDIO’s exclusive formula of concrete has been molded, it will be placed in “concrete curing room” for 14 days. This process can maximize the structural strength of concrete, as well as producing a unique texture on the surface. Finally, the specs are inspected with a precision of 0.02mm to ensure quality.

Concrete grey: pure and original

A trilogy of grey materials── stainless steel, leather strap and dial of concrete’s original colour. Playing with a variety of grey textures and levels of detail; if speaking of the signature style of 22STUDIO, no others can take its spot. With the fluorescent yellow second hand, the contrast in colour enhances the overall visual effect, making the watch especially eye-catching.

Sand dunes Edition: outdoor military style

A newly presented colour for the dial—sand colour, paired with a dark green rubber strap, embodies the military style with an outdoor sense. This model is very versatile with earthy colours like khaki, yellowish brown, moss green and other casual clothing. It can also effortlessly match outdoor sports clothing and hiking shoes, how fashionable it is!

Original Edition: the more aged the more beautiful

The classic is to stand the test of time. The entire watch uses the most primitive materials; pure concrete dial, stainless steel case, Italian genuine leather vegetable tanned strap, bare brass hands and crown. Every detail changes with your lifestyle, unique and more beautiful over time.

Harbour Edition: modest and chic

The stainless steel case with brushed finish treatment can best show the metal craftsmanship, bright silver hour and minute hands, bright blue second hand, with blue vegetable tanned leather strap and dark grey cured concrete dial. This model is a bit yuppie and casual, but when matching with formal attire it’s also very stylish.

Shadow Edition: low-key and mysterious

PVD black-plated stainless steel case, grey-black concrete dial and matte black hands, every detail of the Shadow model presents the individuality of the material itself and the different shades of black. Packed full of personality, we highly recommend it also for the ladies.