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22STUDIO uses a high-performance, high-density, specially created concrete formula which is resistant to weathering, chipping and cracking. To further strengthen our products, all of our concrete accessories are sprayed with a special coating solution.

Since concrete is a composite material, each product will be slightly different in terms of colour and texture. You will note that concrete products contain a number of pores.

Over time, concrete products will undergo efflorescence, which creates a white dust like residue on concrete surfaces. This natural occurrence can be mitigated by frequent use. Furthermore, concrete items will become darker as they interact with moisture and air.

Finally, most of our products contain stainless steel components. 22STUDIO uses grade 316L stainless steel. This grade of steel is considered as the safest and the most highly valued type of steel. Extensively used in medical applications, grade 316L steel does not cause allergies and is highly resistant to erosion.


You are encouraged to avoid storing our products in humid or wet environments since water will penetrate pores of the concrete and weaken the structural integrity of our products. Thus, items created by 22STUDIO should not be brought into the shower or worn during water activities.

Although we use highly reinforced concrete, chipping is possible when the product makes contact with certain hard surfaces. To avoid chipping, you are urged to handle their products with care and place them on soft surfaces.

Concrete accessories do not require any special maintenance. Large items that require dusting should be cleaned with fiber cloth. Stainless steel components may be cleaned with polishing solutions. However, you should ensure that these solutions are not used on concrete components.