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At 22STUDIO, We Break The Mould.

At 22STUDIO, we break the mold. From our studio in Taipei, a city made of concrete and steel, we redefine these materials with our designs to create bold and unique products.

The city houses us, moves us and protects us, largely by the use of concrete and steel. At 22STUDIO, the city also inspires us. We re-envision concrete and steel's uses and repurpose their image of strength and boldness to create a product line that includes timepieces, writing tools and jewelry. Every stage of design and production is done by our hands at our studio to bring you innovative and forward-thinking creations that are as resolute and uncompromising as the materials from which they are made.

Design with attitude

Concrete begins as a liquid mixture of different elements, but once it sets, it becomes as solid as stone. The nature of this ubiquitous material is commonly utilized in construction, but we at 22STUDIO also see these features as symbolic characteristics. We employ concrete for its strength and versatility but also for its unique beauty and personality. The simple geometric shapes of our designs emphasize concrete’s strength. Additionally, we design our products with concrete’s nature in mind, anticipating light chipping and evolving color as design elements that beautifully show the effects of time.

Concrete, a material that is thoroughly linked with city life, supports and shelters us. At 22STUDIO, our designs also envision it adorning and delighting us on a personal level.

Produce with craftsmanship

In order to make the world’s finest and most elegant concrete objects, we have had to continually innovate and personalize an entirely new production process. For example, since our first concrete ring in 2007, we have gone through five different generations of rings, along the way perfecting a process that creates the rings you see today.

By working with non-traditional and unique mediums, we are pushed to think outside the box. At times, our new designs call for new methods of production that we must invent. Yet, at other times, our innovations in production encourage new designs. This symbiotic relationship has defined us from our beginnings and will continue to guide us as we grow.


Our design studio is made up of eleven specialists that are also friends and colleagues. Sean and Yiting are the chief designers, Yuheng is the manager, and Kfly is the workshop director. Hsin-Yu and Jacqueline are handling sales and marketing here in Taiwan & worldwide overseas.

We all work together figuratively and literally, due to the fact that our design studio and production center are located in the same building. This unity, uncommon in our age of disconnected mass-production, creates a closeness that accounts not just for the quality of our product but also for the integrity of the production process. From the first spark of imagination to the final shipment, each item is truly the product of an innovation and cooperation that is distinctly 22STUDIO.