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Fluoroelastomer Rubber Strap 20mm

Fluoroelastomer Rubber Strap 20mm

USD $60.00

The rubber strap tailored for 4D Concrete 42mm Quartz Watch is made from fluoroelastomer. It is durable, strong and weighty. This dense yet soft material makes the strap surprisingly comfortable to wear. 

The rubber band is specifically suitable for hot and humid summer weather. In order to let the band perfectly embrace your wrist, we thicken the part where connecting the case. The arc on the profile allows the band maintains flat and smooth appearance when wearing.

The material of Fluoroelastomer is quite expensive, the cost of raw material is nearly 20 times more than silicon. However, after numerous tests and wearing experiments from 22's members, still we want to present this fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber band to you, which is seen as the best pair to the watch. 

We believe you will love it.

Materials: Fluoroelastomer

Rubber Strap Width: 20mm

Rubber Strap Length:

This Product Comes With:
1x Fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber band, 1x Spring bar tool