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Ups & Downs Concrete Watch

Step into this architecture on your wrist as yourminiaturized self finds an intriguing stroll through the Ups and Downs of time.

“Ups & Downs” Design: A stereoscopic view of time

The bumps and dips index the passing of time, there are pits to be avoided and stepping-stones to help reach your next crest. It is a sculpted metaphor of the cyclical nature of life.
Have you noticed? That the world might not be as you thought it was?
Have you noticed That nothing should be taken for granted? And that hard work doesn’t always pay off?
A pandemic puts the world on pause while time continues to quietly, mercilessly, flow by.
With those, comes the realization that we are made to be strong and resilient.


Concrete-Craft: Designed and Handmade in Taiwan

22STUDIO presents the “Ups & Downs Concrete Watch” in this third quarter of 2020. It embodies our continued exploration of the interplay between Time, Space, and Architecture since our original 4D Concrete Watch series.
We handmake each piece of concrete watch dial togive it the precision and care necessary in the seemingly straightforward, but, in fact, the low-tolerantprocess of concrete-crafting. We select our suppliers by the highest of standards to ensure only qualityparts go into your watch: MIYOTA 5Y36 Movement, 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Case, Eco Brass (Lead-Free)Crown, Sapphire Glass Lens, and Handmade Vegetable Tanned Leather Strap; assembled by master watchmakershere in Taiwan.
It is our hope that, just as honest time went into each 22 Studio Watch through skilled-hands, it will be a token accompaniment that gracefully and faithfully ticks on with you.

Mocha Edition - Retro Elegance

Concrete dial in cream is combined with polish stainless steel case, uncoated brass crown and hands, and vegetable-tanned leather strap in mocha color. In time, as fine lines surface on stainless steel, as brass shows patina, and as leather ages with use, the Mocha edition will exude retro elegance.

Cinnamon Edition - Classic Pairing

Concrete dial in white and PVD gold-plated stainless steel case are combined with uncoated brass crown and hands. A classic palette for women’s watches, this bright and energetic style adds charm to any outfit: from formal dresses to everyday t-shirt & jeans. The Cinnamon Edition is our current best-seller.

Sangria Edition - Zesty Buzz

Concrete dial in cream and contrasting hands in black are combined with brushed stainless steel case and an eye-catching vegetable tanned leather in wine red. The Sangria Edition shows off a zesty personality.

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